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Title: Ancient Astrology Theory and Practice, Matheseos Libri VIII
Author: Julius Firmicus Maternus(A.D.3-4th c.)
Publisher: Spica

--- Contents ---
Preface by Jean Rhys Bram
Table of Contents
List of Diagrams

Book 1
------- Letter to Mavortius -------
I. The Opponents of Astrology
II. Arguments from National Character and from Morals
III. Arguments from Astrologer's Errors
IV. The Difficulty of the Subject
V. Refutation of the Argument from National Character
VI. Refutation of the Argument from Morals
VII-IX. The Power of Fate
X. Conclusion and Prayer to the Sun
Book 2
------- Introduction -------
I. Zodiacal Signs
II. Planetary Domeciles
III. Exaltations and Falls of the Planets
IV. Decans
V. Degrees and Minutes
VI. Planetary Terms
VII-IX. Diurnal and Nocturnal Sects
X. Matutine and Vespertine Posisions
XI. Natures of the Signs
XII. Rising and the Winds
XIII. Dodecatemoria
XIV. Life Cycle in the Houses
XV. Angles
XVI. Houses aspecting the Ascendant
XVII. Houses Inconjunct with the Ascendant
XVIII. Relative Strengths of the Houses
XIX. The Meanings of the Houses
XX. Interpreting an Nativity
XXI. Quality of the Nativity
XXII. The Aspects
XXIII. Houses Aspecting the Ascendant
XXIV. Signs and the Human Body
XXV. Length of Life
XXVI. Chronocrators
XXVII. Sub-Chronocrators
XXVIII. The Division of the Year
XXIX. The Antiscia
XXX. Life and Training of an Astrologer
Book 3
------- Introduction -------
I. World Horoscope
II. Saturn in the Houses
III. Jupiter in the Houses
IV. Mars in the Houses
V. The sun in the Houses
VI. Venus in the Houses
VII. Mercury
VIII. Mercury-Sun Conjunction by House
IX. Mercury-Saturn Conjunction by House
X. Mercury-Jupiter Conjunction by House
XI. Mercury-Mars Conjunction by House
XII. Mercury-Venus Conjunction by House
XIII. The moon in the Houses
XIV. The moon in Conjunction with the Part of Fortune
Book 4
------- Introduction -------
I. The Moon
II. The Moon applying to Saturn
III. The Moon applying to Jupiter
IV. The Moon applying to Mars
V. The Moon applying to the Sun
VI. The Moon applying to Venus
VII. The Moon applying to Mercury
VIII. If the Moon is moving toward Nothing(Void of Course)
IX. The Moon translating Light from Starun
X. The Moon translating Light from Jupiter
XI. The Moon translating Light from Mars
XII. The Moon translating Light from the Sun
XIII. The Moon translating Light from Venus
XIV. The Moon translating Light from Mercury
XV. Lunar Separations when Void of Course
XVI. Further Notes on the Moon
XVII. The Part of Fortune
XVIII. The Part of the Spirit
XIX. The Lord of the Geniture
XX. Climacteric Years
XXI. The Vocational Indicator
XXII. Full and Void Degrees in the Decans
XXIII. Masculine and Feminine Degrees
XXIV. Angular Lunar Conjunctions
XXV. Further Notes on the Moon
Book 5
-------- Introduction -------
I. The Angles by Sign
II. The Ascendant by Terms and Conjoined Planets
III. Saturn by Sign
IV. Jupiter by Sign
V. Mercury by Terms or Decans
VI. Moon by Terms or Decans
VII. Advice on Interpretation
Book 6
I. Advice on Interprestation
II. Bright Stars
III. Saturn in Trine
IV. Jupiter in Trine
V. Mars in Trine
VI. The Moon Trine the Sun
VII. The Moon Trine Venus
VIII. The Moon Trine Mercury
IX. Saturn in Square
X. Jupiter in Square
XI. Mars in Square
XII. The Sun Square the Moon
XIII. Venus Square Mercury
XIV. Moon Square Mercury
XV. Saturn in Opposition
XVI. Jupiter in Opposition
XVII. Mars in Opposition
XVIII. Sun and Moon in Opposition
XIX. Moon and Venus in Opposition
XX. Moon and Mercury in Opposition
XXI. Sextiles
XXII. Saturn in Conjunction
XXIII. Jupiter in Conjunction
XXIV. Mars in Conjunction
XXV. The Sun in Conjunction
XXVI. Venus in Conjunction
XXVII. Mercury in Conjunction
XXVIII. Lunar Configurations before Birth
XXIX. Unfortunate Nativities
XXX. Sexual Proclivities and Nativities of Famous Men
XXXI. Notable Configurations
XXXII. Planetary Parts
XXXIII. Saturn as Chronocrator
XXXIV. Jupiter as Chronocrator
XXXV. Mars as Chronocrator
XXXVI. The Sun as Chronocrator
XXXVII. Venus as Chronocrator
XXXVIII. Mercury as Chronocrator
XXXIX. The Moon as Chronocrator
XL. Conclusion
Book 7
I. An Astrologer's Oath
II. Exposed Infants
III. Twins
IV. Servile Nativities
V. The Master in a Slave's Chart
VI. Servile Parents and Capativity in the Nativity
VII. Monstrous Births
VIII. Infirmities
IX. Parental Death
X. Hostility of Parent and Child
XI. Orphans
XII. Number of Marriages
XIII. Incest
XIV. More on Sexual Relationships
XV. Homosexuality
XVI. Number of and Time of Marriages
XVII. Murder of the Spouse
XVIII. More on Sexual Relationships
XIX. Infertility and Celibacy
XX. Mental or Moral Deficiency
XXI. Infirmities
XXII. Royal Genitures
XXIII. Violent Death
XXIV. Criminal Nativities
XXV. Eunuchs, Hermaphrodities, and Perverts
XXVI. Occupations
Book 8
I. The Astrologer's Creed
II. The Enenecontameris
III. Beholding and Hearing Signs
IV. Degrees in the Zodiacal Constellations
V-XVII. Extra-Zodiacal Constellations
XVIII-XXX. The Myrogenesis(Degrees of the Zodiac)
XXXI. Bright Stars
XXXII. Advice on Interpretation
XXXIII. Conclusion
Translator's Notes
Index of Occupations
Ancient Astrologers


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