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Title: The Babylonian Sky Observer / Volume 1, The Babylonian Sky Observer / Volume 2
Author: Rumen Kolev(1960- )
Publisher: Placidus Research Center

--- The Babylonian Sky Observer / Volume 1 ---
The Omen of Venus Inside the Pleiades 2
The 'Paths' of the Sky 4
The Heliacal Rise of Sirius According to the Ancient Greeks(As Recorded by Cicero) 16
The Twelve Tasks of the Babylonian Star Science 20
My Meeting with Prof. David Pingree 26
Omina Mis-Interpreted 28
The Cycles of Mars' Acronychal Rises 31
One Observation of the Heliacal Rise of Mars 34
Eight Observations of Heliacal Phases of Mercury 35
The Heliacal Phases in Drawing 47
Dictionary of Used Terms 48
Bibliography 50
Babylonia ver. 4.0 51

--- The Babylonian Sky Observer / Volume 2 ---
How to Read Babylonian Omina 2
The Omen of IBBI-SIN 5
Sargon the Great and His Omen 13
Enuma Anu Enlil - A Panoramic View 16
The Global Babylonian Planetary Periods 25
Truth and Delusion - Part One.....Texts-Dating 29
Tablet 57 of Enuma Anu Enlil 31
The Program Babylonia ver.4.0 43


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