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Title: Christian Astrology
Author: William Lilly(1602-1681)
Publisher: Regulus, Ascella/Spica, JustUs, Astrology Classics

The Contents of the three books from Regulus edition.
--- The first Book ---
The number of Planets, Signs, Aspects, with their severall names and characters 25
Of the use of Ephemeris 27
The right hand page of the Ephemeris unfolded 30
How to erect a figure of Heaven by the Ephemeris and Table of Houses aforesaid 33
Of the daily motion of the Planets, and how to reduce their motion to any hour of the day, and to the Meridians of London 42
How to find the quantity of the hourly motion of any Planet by the Table following 44
Of the twelve houses of Heaven, and some names or terms of Astrologie 47
Of the twelve Houses, their Nature and signification 50
Of the Planet Saturn, and his significations 57
Of the Planet Jupiter, and his significations 61
Of the Planet Mars, and his several significations 65
Of the Sun, his general and particular significations 69
Of the Planet Venus, and her several significations and nature 72
Of Mercury, his significations, nature and property 76
Of the Moon, her properties and significations 80
Another brief description of the shapes and formes of the Planets 84
Of the twelve Signs of the Zodiac and their manifold divisions 86
The Nature, Place, Countries, general description and Diseases signified by the twelve houses 93
Teaching what use may be made of the former discourse of the twelve Signs 100
Of the Essential Dignities of the Planets 101
A Table of the Essential Dignities of the Planets 104
Of several Terms, Aspects, words of Art, Accidents belonging to the Planets, with other necessary rules 105
A Table of the aspects of the Signs amongst one another 108
A ready Table whereby to examine the Fortitudes and Debilities of the Planets 115
A Table showing the masculine and feminine degrees of every Sign 116
A Table showing what members in mans body every Planet signifieth in any of the twelve Signs 119
Considerations before judgment 121
What Significator, Querent and Quesited are: An Introductions to judgment 123
To know whether a thing demanded will come to pass yea or not 124

--- The Contents of the second Book, containing the resolution of Questions ---
Questions concerning the First House .
If the Querent is likely to live long yea or not 129
Signs of health or long life 129
The time when any accident shall happen 130
To what part of heaven it's best the Querent direct his affaires 132
What part of his life is like to be best 134
An Astrological figure judging the former Demands 135
Of the Part Of Fortune, and how to take it either by day or night 143
How to examine its fortitudes 145
If one shall find the party at home one would speak with 147
Of a thing suddenly happening, whether it signifie good or ill 148
What mark, mole or scar the Querent hath 148
Whether one absent be dead or alive 151
An astrological figure explaining the aforesaid demands 152
A Woman whether her Son were with his Master or not 153
Of a Ship at Sea, her safety or destruction 157
Example of a Ship at Sea upon a figure judged 162
Example of another Ship 165
The time of receiving any Question 166
Judgments concerning the Second House, viz.of Riches .
Whether the Querent shall be rich 167
By what means attain Riches 168
If the Querent shall obtain the substance he hath lent 173
If one shall acquire his wages or stipend owing him 174
Of the time when the accidents treated of may happen 175
A Figure resolving the doubts and demands aforesaid 177
Of that Planet or Planets impediting the effecting or performance of what is demanded in every Question 184
If the Querent shall continue rich 186
Of the Third House, viz of Brethren, Sisters, Kindred, Short Journeys .
If the Querent and his brother, Neighbour or sister shall agree 188
Of a Brother that is absent 189
Of Reports, Intelligence or Fears, if true or false, or signify good or evil 192
If Rumours be true or false 193
Of counsel or advice, whether good or evil 194
Whether the Querent have brethren or sisters 195
Of a short journey, if good to go; which way 195
As Astrological figure of an absent brother 196
If Cambridge was taken yea or no 200
Of the Fourth House, viz. of Parents, Lands, Tenemants, Cities, Towns .
To find a thing hid or mislaid 202
What part of the house or ground 203
Of buying and selling Lands, Houses, Farms, &c. 204
Of the goodness or badness of the Land or House 205
Quality of the ground 206
Tenants good or ill 206
If wood on the ground 206
If good to hire or take the Farm or house desired 208
If the Querent shall enjoy the Estate of his Father 210
If good to remove from one house to another 212
Of turning the course of Rivers, &c. 214
Of Treasure hid in the ground 215
If the Querent shall obtain it 217
If the Author should purchase some Houses, an Astrological Figure thereof 219
Of the Fifth House, and its Questions .
If one shall have children 222
If a woman ask whether she may conceive 223
Whether the Querent shall have children, be he man or woman that asketh 224
If a man shall have children by his Wife, yea or no, or of any other Woman whom he nominates 225
Whether she is with child or not 226
If the man ask unknown to the Woman 228
Other Judgments .
Whether a Woman be with child or not 229
If a Woman do conceive with child of more than one 230
If male or female 230
How long the Woman hath been conceived 231
Of the time when the birth will be 231
Whether the birth shall be by day or night 232
Whether unity is like to be between the Infant and Parents 234
Of Embassadors and Messengers 235
Of a Messenger sent forth upon any errand 236
If the Querent shall ever have children, a figure judged thereof 238
If one were with child of a male or female; what time she should be delivered, a figure thereupon judged 240
Of the Sixth House, and its Questions, viz. of Sickness, Servants, small Cattle .
Judgment of sickness by Astrology 243
What part of the body is afflicted 243
From what cause the sickness is 244
Diseases signified by the Houses 245
Diseases signified by the Signs 245
Diseases of the Planets 246
Signs of a long or short sickness 248
Testimonies that the Querent shall live and not die of the Infirmity now afflicting 253
Arguments of death 255
Dariot abridged 258
If the party be sick of whom the question is demanded 259
Cause of the Disease, inward or outward 259
Of the quality and nature of the Disease 261
Whether the Disease be in the right or left side 263
Whether the Disease be in the body, mind, or both 264
Of the Crisis, or days critical 266
How long ere the sick recover 267
Hermes Trimegistus upon the Decumbiture of the Sick 268
Of the Signs and conjectures of the Disease, and of life and death by the good or ill disposition of the Moon 273
Astrological Aphorisms judging of sickness 282
A Figure of a sick Doctor, if curable 286
A Figure set to know whether the sick would live or die 289
Of the Crisis in Diseases 290
A Table showing how to set a figure in sickness of sixteen sides 294
If a Servant shall get free from his Master 296
Of the Seventh House, of Marriage, Enemies, Law-suites, Contracts, Wars, Fugitives, Thefts .
Aphorisms considerable before judgment 298
Of Marriage 302
More Aphorisms of Marriage by Alkindus 303
Of Marriage whether it shall take effect or not 303
Of Marriage 304
What shall be the occasion hindering the Marriage 305
Which love or desire it most 305
Whether a man shall Marry 307
The time of Marriage 307
How many Husbands a Woman shall have 307
From what part one shall Marry 308
What manner of person he or she is 308
Whether a man or woman be more noble 308
Who shall be master of the two 308
Whether she be rich or not 309
Whether the Marriage be legitimate 309
How they shall agree after Marriage 309
Disagree 309
Who shall be cause of their strife 310
That the Marriage shall be broken, and the cause thereof 310
Whether a man or his Wife shall die first 311
Which of the two shall live longest 311
Whether she be a Maid, or chaste 312
Whether a Damsel be a Maid or not 312
Whether a woman be honest to her Husband or not 313
Of a Woman whether she hath a Lover besides her Husband 313
Whether a Woman is honest 314
Whether a woman trades with any but her husband 314
If one's Sweet-heart have a Lover besides himself 316
Hath she a Lover 316
If a Marriage shall be perfected or not 317
Whether the child conceived is the Son of the reputed Father 318
Whether a woman living from her husband, shall be received into favour, or live with him again 318
Of Servants fled, Beasts strayed, and things lost 319
The place where the thing is that is lost 320
How the Goods were lost 321
Whether the cattle be stolen or not. Whether the thing missing fled of itself 321
Of Beasts strayed, or fugitives 323
Of Beasts or strays 324
That the beasts are lost 325
Dead or alive 325
In pound or not 325
The cattle shall be found again 325
How far off a thing lost is from the Owner 326
Beasts stolen or strayed, in what place which way 326
In what ground 327
The cattle shall to pound and be long in pound 327
Escape the pound 328
Whether the fugitive shall be taken 328
Of the Moon in questions of fugitives 328
Whether he shall be taken 329
If a Fugitive shall be found or come again 329
Distance of the Fugitive 330
A Woman flying from her Husband 330
Of a Thief and Theft 330
Of the Significator of the Thief 331
The significator of the thing stolen 331
Approved judgments of Theft 332
Whether it be stolen or no 334
The Goods are stolen 335
Not stolen 335
It will be, or is intended to be stolen 335
It's lost or stolen 335
Age of the Thief 336
Of the same 337
Whether the Thief be man or woman 338
If one thief or more 339
Of the clothes of the Thief 339
Names of Thieves or men according to Astrology 340
Whether the Thief be of the house or not 342
Stranger or familiar 342
Rules by the Lord of the Seventh house 343
Whether the Thief be in the Town or not 344
Distance betwixt the Owner and the Thief 345
Where the thief is 345
Towards what part the thief is gone 346
Of the house of the Thief, and marks thereof 347
Door of the house 347
Tokens of the Thief's house 348
The Goods in the Owner's hands 349
Whether the Goods be in the custody of the Thief 349
If he carried all with him 350
Distance of the thing from the Owner 350
Place where the Goods stolen are 351
Where the Goods are 352
Lost or stolen, in what part of the house 353
The form or likeness of the entering of the house 353
What is stolen by the Lord of the Second or Tenth house 354
The quality of the Goods stolen 354
Sign of Recovery 355
If it shall be recovered 355
In what time it shall be recovered 356
Aphorisms concerning Recovery 356
The discovery of the Thief, and recovery of the Goods 358
Of Theft 359
Whether the Thief shall be known or not 360
Whether the Thief be suspected of the Owner or not 360
Who did the deed or Theft 360
Whether it be the first act the Thief did 360
Lilly's experimented Rules of Theft 360
Of Battle, War, or other contentions 367
If one shall return safe from War, or a dangerous Voyage 367
What will ensue of the War 368
Who shall do best in a Law-suit 369
Of Partnership betwixt two, if it shall be, and who shall do best 369
Of familiarity betwixt Neighbour and Neighbour 370
Of removing from place to place 370
If good to remove or stay in any Town or City 371
Of Hunting 371
Of a Law-suit or controversy betwixt two, who should do best 372
Of Buying and Selling Commodities 376
Of Partnership 377
Whether a city, Town or Castle beseiged shall be taken 379
Of Commanders in Armies, their abilities, fidelity, &c. 380
If two Armies shall fight 383
If the Querent have open enemies 383
A Figure to know if a Lady should marry the party desired 385
A second figure if the woman should marry the man beloved 389
A figure for a fugitive servant 390
A figure for a Dog missing 392
Money lost, who stole it, a figure thereupon 395
Fish stolen, a figure for it 397
A figure to know if Sir William Waller and Sir Ralph Hopton were engaged 399
A figure to know if the Earl of Essex should take Reading 401
Of the Eighth House, viz. Death, Dowry, &c. .
If the absent party be alive or dead 404
Whether one absent will return or not, and when 406
The time when he will return 407
If the death of the Querent, or space of his own life 408
When or about what time the Querent may die 409
Whether the Man or Wife shall die first 411
What manner of death the Querent shall die 412
Whether the portion of the wife will be great, or easily obtained, or if the woman will be rich 412
If one be afraid of a thing, whether he shall be in danger thereof or not 414
A figure to know whether man or woman shall die first 415
A figure of a woman's to know if her husband at Sea were alive or dead 417
A figure to know what manner of death Canterbury should die 419
A figure to know if the Querent should have the Portion promised 421
Of the Ninth House, viz. Long Journeys, Religion, Dreams .
Of a voyage by Sea, and success thereof 422
What wind he will have 423
Of him that taketh a journey 423
Of the short or slow return of him that taketh a journey 424
When he shall return that is gone a long journey 425
The cause of a Journey, and success thereof 428
Success and length thereof 428
If one shall profit by his knowledge, &c. in Chemistry or Surgery 429
Of one's Science or wisdom whether it be true 430
Of many persons travelling, in what condition they are 430
To what part of Heaven the Traveller had best direct his Journey 431
If the person shall obtain a good Benefice 432
Of Dreams whether they signify anything or not 434
A figure adjusted concerning Dreams 436
A figure to know if one should obtain a Parsonage 437
A figure erected to know if Presbytery shall stand 439
A figure to know if the Querent should obtain the Philosopher's Stone 442
Of the Tenth House, viz. of Government, Dignity, Office, Command .
If the Querent shall obtain the Office desired or not 444
If one shall continue in the Command or Office he is in 447
Whether a King expulsed his Kingdom, or an Officer removed from his Office, shall return 448
Of the Profession or Trade any one is capable of 450
If Prince Rupert should get honour by our wars, a figure thereof 452
If he should worst the E. of Exxex 453
What should become of him 454
If his Majesty should procure Forces out of Ireland to harm the Parliment, a figure thereupon 455
If the Queen would advance with her Army; if she would prosper; when she and his Majesty would meet 455
If attain the Preferment desired 456
Eleventh House, viz. House of Friends, Hope, Substance of Kings .
Of good or ill in questions concerning this house 457
If a Man shall have the Thing hoped for 458
Of the agreeing of Friends 459
Of love betwixt two 459
Of the Twelfth House, Imprisonment, Cattle, Witchery, Enemies, Labour, Banished Men .
Of secret enemies not named 460
To know who a secret enemy is 460
Whether any man committed to prison shall soon be delivered 461
Of the imprisoned 462
If a question be asked for a Captive or Prisoner 463
Of a Captive or Slave 464
If one be bewitched or not 464
Natural Remedies against witchcraft 465
A figure for a Horse lost 467
A figure to know if one were Bewitched 468
A figure of a Prisoner escaped out of Prison 470
A Lady of her husband in prison, a figure of it 471
A figure upon the Earl of Essex his last going into the west 473
A Table of the Planetary hour 474
To find out what Planet ruleth any hour of the day or night 482

--- The Contents of the third Book ---
A Table converting Hours and Minutes of time into Degrees and Minutes of the AEquator 489
A Table of right ascentions 492
A Table of oblique ascentions for the latitude of 34 degrees 494
A Table of oblique ascentions for the latitude of 49 degrees 496
A Table of oblique ascentions for the latitude of 53 degrees 498
Divers ways of rectifying Nativities 500
Correction of an estimate figure by Trutine of Hermes 502
Rectification of a Nativity by Animodar 505
Rectification by Accidents, the way to frame an Astrological Speculum 507
A Speculum of Nativity 509
Characters of the new aspects, the number of the degrees of the aspect 512
Erection of a Scheam by Regiomontanus 519
Things considerable before judgment given upon a Nativity 524
Of the space of life, whether the Native shall live long or not 525
Of Hylech or Apheta, and the interficient Planet 527
Of the Lord of the Geniture 531
Of the Complexion, temperament of the body, quality of Planets and Signes 532
Manners of the Native 534
Quality of manners discernable from the Planets 539
Of the understanding of the Native 543
Of the stature, shape and form of body 546
Nature of the Signs, color of the Face and Hair 547
Of the grossness or leanness of Bodies 549
Of the generall fortune or misery of the Native 551
Of the Second House, viz. of Riches, or the goods of Fortune .
Whether the Native shall be rich 553
By what means the Native shall attain Wealth 554
If the Native shall attain his Estate be just or indirect dealing 561
If the Estate of the Native shall be durable 562
Judgments upon the third House .
Of Kinred, Brethren, Sisters 564
If have Brethren or Sisters 564
Fortune & condition of Brethren 566
Of the unity or concord of the Native with his Brethren and Sisters 567
Number of Brethren 568
Judgments upon the fourth House, concerning Parents, &c .
Of the Father 569
Of the Mother 570
If the Mother had difficult labour at the Native's Birth 572
If the Native will enjoy the Estate of his Father 572
Of the mutual agreement of Parents 573
Of the Parents mutual love to the Native 574
Significations of great fortune out of Mines 575
Of the Sixth House, viz. of Infirmities .
Of the Infirmities of Bodies 576
Aphorismes useful for this house 577
Kinds and qualities of Diseases, how discoverable from the Planets and Signes 578
Of weakness in the Sight, or casualities portended to the Eyes 581
Defects in the Ears 582
Impediments in the Tongue 582
Of the Tooth-ach 583
Of the falling Sickness 583
Of the Stone 584
Of the Gout 585
Of violent Falls 585
Whether the Diseases of the Native are curable or not 585
Of Servants and samll Cattle 586
Of the seventh House .
Of mens Marriages 587
Whether the Native shall marry or not 588
Whether the Native shall obtain his wife with ease or much difficultly 589
The time of Marriage 589
Of the number of wives 590
From whence, or what quarter the Native shall have his wife 592
What manner of wife or wives the Native shall have, if Fair or Deformed 593
Aphorismes concerning the positure of Venus 595
Of the mutual love and concord between man and wife 597
Whether the Native or his wife shall die first 599
Of the Marriage of women 600
If the woman shall marry 600
If with difficulty; when; from whence; what manner of man 601
If rich: if agree 602
The fifth House .
Of Children 602
Aphorism concerning this house 603
How many Children the Native may have 604
Whether male or female 605
Aphorism of Albubater concerning Children 605
Judgments upon the ninth House, of Journeys and Religion .
Whether the Native shall travel or not 606
To what part of the World the Native shall travel 607
Whether travel by land or water 608
To cause of travel 609
Haly his Aphorisms 609
Of success in travel 610
What Region or Country will be best to travel into 611
The Religion of the Native 611
Aphorisms belonging there unto 612
Of Dreams 613
Of the tenth House .
Of the Honour or Dignitiy of the Native 615
Whether the Native shall have Preferment or not 615
Rules from the two Luminaries 617
Aphorisms from the Sun 618
Concerning the Moon 619
Of the Midheaven 619
Of the Ascendant 620
Of the fixed Stars 620
What manner of Preferment, its quality 621
If the Dignity or Honour shall continue 622
Special Aphorismes concerning that judgment 623
Of the Profession of the Native 624
Experimented Aphorismes concerning the Natives Profession 626
Of Mercury when Lord of the Profession 627
When joined with others 627
Of Venus when alone signifies the Profession 628
When mixed with others 628
Of Mars when Significator of Profession 629
When mixed with others 629
Of Mercury and Venus when commixed 630
Of Mercury with Mars 630
Of Mars and Venus when Significators of Art 631
With what success the Native shall handle it 631
Quality of the Profession 633
Judgments belonging to the eleventh House .
Of Friends 634
Special rules concerning that house 635
Quality of Friends 636
Constancy of Friends 636
Whether there may be unity or concord between two 637
Whether of the Friends is more sincere 639
Of the twelfth House .
Of enemies 639
What manner of enemies, their quality 640
If the Native shall overcome his enemies 641
Whose friendship the Native shall most avoid 642
Of Captivity or Imprisonment 642
Of death, arguments of a violent death 644
The kinds of a violent death 645
From the Sign, from the House the quality of a violent death 646
From Saturn and Mars 647
From the Lord of the Ascendant and fixed Stars 648
The effects of Directions .
Directions wherefore 651
Effects of Directions 652
What places of Heaven, what Planets Directed, and for what 653
How long the effects of a Direction last 654
The Ascendant its signification, when directed to the body, term or aspect of Saturn 656
The Ascendant directed to the Terms, body or aspect of Jupiter 657
To the body, Terms or other aspect of Mars 659
To the body or other aspect of the Sun 660
To the body, Term or aspect of Venus 661
To the body, Term or any aspect of Mercury 662
To the conjunction, sextile, trine, square or opposite of the Moon 663
To the Dragons Head or Dragons Tail, or to Fortuna, or cusp of the second, third or fourth house 665
To several fixed Stars 666
Midheaven directed to Promittors and the reason why directed 668
To the body of Saturn, or his Term, aspect 669
To the body, Term or rays of Jupiter 669
To the body, Term of several aspects of Mars 671
To the aspects or conjunction of the Sun 672
To the body, Term, &c. of Venus 673
To the several aspects or Terms of Mercury 674
To the body of the Moon or her aspects 675
M.C. to the 11 or 12 house 676
M.C. to several fixed Stars 676
The Sun directed to Promittors, and wherefore 679
To the Body or aspects of Saturn 680
To the aspects or body of Jupiter 681
To the body or aspect of Mars 682
To the body or aspect of Venus 683
To the like of Mercury 685
To the like of the Moon 686
To Dragon's Head or Tail, or Fortuna, or cusp of any of the houses 687
The Sun directed to principal fixed stars 689
The Moon directed to Promittors, viz. to Saturn his body or aspect 691
To the body, term or aspect of Jupiter 694
To the aspect, term or body of Mars 695
To the body or aspect of the Sun 696
To the body, term or aspect of Venus 697
To the body or aspect of Mercury 698
To the Dragon's Head, Dragon's Tail, Fortuna, and to the twelve houses 700
To the fixed Stars 701
Fortuna wherefore directed, its effects when directed to Saturn or his aspects 703
To the aspect of Jupiter, Mars and the Sun 704
To the aspects of Venus and Mercury 705
To the Moon and her aspects, to Dragon's Head and Dragon's Tail 706
To the cusps of the twelve houses 707
Of the measure of time in Directions 708
The first and second way of measuring time 709
The third measure of time, according to Naibod 713
Of annual Profections, and by what means to find out the Profectional Sign of every year 715
A Table of Profections exactly made 717
The use of Profections and their effects 718
Lord of the year, what Planet 720
A Table converting degrees into days and hours, &c. 721
A table of the days of the year, teaching what month and day of the month when the Profectional Significator or other, and the Promittor meet; several examples 722
How to judge a figure of Profections 726
Judgments upon the Profections of the ascendant & the Moon, their signification 729
What the mid-heaven and the Sun signifie 731
Signification of Fortuna 732
Of Revolutions 734
The Return of the Planets to their own places, and of other Planets in a Revolution 738
The transit of the Planets 741
Astrological judgments by way of example upon the twelve houses, and upon Directions, Profections, Revolutions and transits, upon a Merchants Nativity 742
A Catalogue of most Astrological Authors now extant, where Printed, and in what year 833
An Alphabetical Table, shewing the contents of the principal matters in every page of this book 845
Afterword 856
Bibliographical Appendix ... by Patrick Curry[May 28,1985] 862
A Modern Astrological Perspective ... by Geoffrey Cornelius[2 June,1985] 864
William Lilly Birth Chart :from Collectio Genitorum, by John Gadbury(London, 1662) 873


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