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Title: Astrologia Gallica Book 24: Progression and Transits
Author: Jean-Baptiste Morin/Morinus/(1583-1656)
Publisher: American Federation of Astrologers Inc.

--- Contents ---
. Translator's preface vii
. Book Twenty-Four .
Section I Progressions .
Chapter 1. Why the Old Astrologers Introduced Progressions 1
Chapter 2. How Many Modes of Progressions have been Invented 5
Chapter 3. The Annual, Monthly, and Daily Progressions of the Old [Astrologers] are Mere Figments of the Imagination 8
Section II The Transits and Syzygies of the Planets .
Chapter 1. How Should the Doctrine of Transits be Made 21
Chapter 2. What Path Previous Astrologers Followed in Taking Notice of the Virtue of the Stars 22
Chapter 3. Whether the Transits of All the Planets Through the Individual places of the Nativity Should be Observed 26
Chapter 4. Whether in an Individual House of the Nativity any Force Exceeds [that of] the Natal Chart for Future Accidents of Life 28
Chapter 5. Whether all the Transits Through the Places of the Nativity are Effective, or Whether They Alone and in Some Way Motivate our own Nature to the Effects 36
Chapter 6. Whether the Transiting Planets Determine the Places of their own Transits, or Whether They are Determined by Them, and in what Way 39
Chapter 7. Whether the Transits of the Planets through the Places of the Revolutions should be Looked at 40
Chapter 8. Whether for the Production of all the Effects Happening to Men, the Transits Agreeing with their Directions and Revolutions are Necessary, and at what Time 41
Chapter 9. For a Given Direction Presaging a Significant Event, which Planet's Transit is more Necessary for the Production of the Effect, and through which Place, so that the Transit may be Said to be Concordant 43
Chapter 10. In which by many Examples and Observations the Virtue of Transits and their Actual Efficacy are Confirmed 48
Chapter 11. [Determining] the Exact Time of Events by a Transit, and Whether their Latitude should be Observed. The Doctrine Confirmed by Celestial Charts 57
Chapter 12. Whether the Planets act upon the Native through their own Syzygies Outside of the Places of the Nativity through which their Transits are Customarily Made, and How and When 46
Chapter 13. The Aphorisms or Principal Laws of Transits 72
Chapter 14. How from What has been Explained so far, Events of the Future can be Predicted by the Stars with Regard to the Kind [of Event], the Year, the Day, and the Hour 78
Chapter 15. Some Principal Rules of Prudence to be [Observed] by an Astrologer in Bringing Forth a Useful Opinion from the Stars 89
Appendix 1. The Equation of Time 103
. Index of Persons 105
. Bibliography 108


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